Investing in physical gold

That’s why people buying ingots do business


“Gold, deceiver of the Saints,” wrote William Shakespeare. For whom who are skeptical there are data: in the first three months of this year, the gold has risen by 18%. Italians have been able to catch this opportunity? Comparing Italy with other regions, we are late with a ratio of 1 to 10. Why? We asked Dr. Salvatore Tamburro, owner of the firm of tax and financial advice Tamburro & Partners in Naples, an economist expert on financial trends and to Eng. Antonio Larotonda, director of the Art Gold Ltd., based in Potenza and Brescia, the Italian leader in the sale of ingots.
The Tamburro & Partners has full confidence in investing in the yellow metal ingots. “Physical gold is a timeless currency. Governments, central banks around the world and investors choose to invest in this product – says Tamburro -. Ingots are preferred to any paper currency, because of their effective guarantee. It tends to do well when other assets are bad – see oil – and behaves better when there is no confidence in the banks, what happens in this historic moment. “” The ingots are wholly exempted from VAT – adds the owner of the Tamburro & Partners ( – and are convertible into cash at any time at the current market price. You can keep them at home, where they are delivered directly, or kept in safes that are excluded from the credit institution’s assets. ”
Where and from whom they can be bought? “The answer is given by the law – explains Larotonda, the metal desk administrator ( – transactions in pure gold ingots are reserved for professional traders in gold, companies registered in a special register of the Bank of Italy . “” We sell LBMA certified ingots – he clarifies – carried out from international trade association member companies, representing the London market for gold ingots and certifying their purity to 999.9 ‰. Our sales and purchasing price is determined on reliable basis, with reference to the London Stock Exchange. We guarantee everything with contracts, even through repurchase agreements, which give to our customers the possibility to liquidate their investment at any time. “

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